Nam si vos omnibus imperitare vultis, sequitur ut omnes servitutem accipiant?
(Tacitus, Annales XII, xxxvii)

24 Feb 2010

New Shit Creek Surge in War on Poetry

Supreme Metaphycsickal Commnander of Shit Creek WoP forces, Field Marshall Sir Nigel Holt (A.A., G.S.C.E., A.S.B.O. and Bar), supported by SCR President Rose Kelleher and Prime Minister Angela France, today announced a new Surge in the War on Poetry.

"Our best Poetic shock troops of Issue 11 have been airlifted by Pegasus transports into the tribal areas of The Realms of Gold, which bards in fealty to Apollo hold," he said as the stirring strains of "Ride of the Valkyries" sounded over the Shit Creek loudspeakers.

"The crack Anti-Poeticism squad has fanned out across the Objective Correlative, and teams led by such experienced officers as Doc "Whup-Ass" Lehr, David "Lucid" Landrum, and Charles "Don't-Mess-with-Me" Musser are in action as we speak, giving the insurgents a stiff dose of Trope and Form."

He added that to date no innocent civilians had been harmed during the Surge. "Our rhyme-driven Smart-Sonnets only take out Evil-Doers and Poetasters," he claimed. "The villanelles finish off any pockets of resistance."

President Kelleher stated that "The Boys and Girls of Shit Creek will stay in the Realms of Gold until the Job is Done."

Watch the Issue 11 Surge in the SCR War on Poetry being broadcast live on your computer screen by clicking HERE.

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